Our Town

Nestled in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, Port Allegany is a quaint town with charming, tree-lined streets. The headwaters of the Allegheny River are located 30 miles to the east in a small community called Gold, Pennsylvania.

The Allegheny River provided an early means of transport through our community. History reveals that Port Allegany was a stopping point for travelers. Pioneers traveling over land from the Susquehanna River would continue on from our town by boat.

Port Allegany

Originally, known as Canoe Place, the town's name was changed to Port Allegany in 1838. The lumber and tanning industries grew as a result of the river and the railways. In the 1800's natural gas was discovered which lead to the expansion of a variety of area businesses, such as:

Office - Financial Services
• Sawmills
• Planing Mills
• Chemical Plants
• Tanneries
• Glass Firms
• Cheese Factories
• Brick Plants
• Machine Shops
• Furniture Factories

Port Allegany Today

These days, our town is best known for glass manufacturing. Pittsburgh Corning Corporation is the only producer of glass blocks in the United States. Local business Ardagh Glass Inc. produces glass containers.

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